The Family Brand of Batik & Songket In Singapore

Founded by Husband (Hita) and Wife (Ayu) of two different culture of Indonesia and Singapore which creates diversity to build up a brand of their own. With a vision of making luxury yet affordable batik and songket clothing for all individuals made available in locally Singapore. 

We are based in Singapore and established since 2016. We are known in Singapore for our comfortable and affordable couple and family batik and songket apparels. 

We take pride in our batik and songket production. We have a team of seamstress and seamster who sewn each of your batik and songket apparel with perfect workmanship. Our process from fabric selection of batik and songket, sewing and quality checked are well coordinated to give the perfect apparel for you. 

 hamodesg batik

What make us exclusively affordable batik and songket in Singapore, each production is our own signature (not reseller nor purchase from wholesaler) hence be amazed with our quality. ❤

Fall in love with our batik and songket collections as we bring you more varieties to be spoiled for in Singapore.

With Love,