Behind The Meaning Of Batik & Songket Prints

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Batik and Songket has been the most elegant and beautiful prints where most of our malay community in Singapore would wear it during special occasions or for daily wear. Do we know and understand the beautiful prints of the batik and songket?

Batik and songket is famously known in Java, the location in the heart of Indonesia. Batik and songket can be in any form of dyed or print techniques. Each designs are symbols has a deep meaning to it. We have personally visited a museum of the royals in Jogja whereby we learned that batik and songket hold a very strong and valuable value.

During the royal days, they would craft their own batik wrap for their wedding days as a symbolic of their love story for their special day. That is how elegant batik and songket prints that holds many stories behind each crafts. Some of them believe that each drawn print brings in luck.ย 

To some, print may show a rank during the colonial days, for an infant as part of protection and certain prints are reserved for a traditional and ceremonial context. It is how much a value that each print of batik & songket of each piece.ย 

Will this give you a second view on the batik and songket apparel that you will be wearing out today?



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